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Valérian Ducourtil


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Q & A

Do you believe in Aliens?

Yes I think I do! That would explains many things!

Last wish you made that came true?

Never have a job that I don't like

If you could change your name what would you change it to?

Johnny BadAss

Tell about how you spend your Sundays.

Over sleep, Good Brunch, nice activity with good friends!

Have you ever hitch hiked? explain.

I used to hitch hike when I was younger but nothing crazy about it. Nowadays I stop everytime to take Hitch Hikers.

Tell about your first date.

1.2.3 smash potatoes!!! (sorry private joke)

What’s your relationship like with fortune cookies?

Woo first time I heard about this... Just google it

If you could tour with any band who would you tour with?

I would go back to the sixties and tour with the rolling stones!! they made the history!

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