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Denis Leontyev



Q & A

Do you believe in Aliens?

I believe in aliens.

Last wish you made come true?

My wishes never came true.

If you could change your name what would you change it to?

I'm ok with my current name. And it's English version Den Leon is cool.

Tell me about how you spend your Sundays?

Sunday I'm chilling after party, or continue to party.

Have you ever hitch hiked? Explain.

Never been hitch hiking and really don't want to try that.

Tell about your first date?

Oh, that was really long ago. Kids romance. Flowers, candies, kiss in the cheek.

What´s your relationship like with fortune cookies?

Those cookies lying to me all the time.

If you could tour with any band who would you tour with?

I would go with Rap Gang on tour. Like Lil Wayne. Money Pussy Alcohol.

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