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Alessandro Boyens


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Q & A

Do you believe in Aliens?

Sorry i did not hear your question . But the answer is: ALIENS :)

Last wish you made that came true?

Beeing the fist guy at the chairlift on a Powder Day

If you could change your name what would you change it to?

Michael Knight

Tell about how you spend your Sundays.

Going to the Spa all Day then watch Knight Rider Episodes all evening

Have you ever hitchhiked? Explain.

No Never :) I dont like to live Gypsy Lifestyles :)) Only Rental Cars :)

Tell about your first date.

Horrible actually :) On my real first date i actually had my first beardhair growing and it was in the week where I first ever shaved my face. You when all started to get hairy in the face and shit.
I wanted to shave my littel tiny fluffy mustach and finally ended up making a huge fu**** cut with the razor on my upper lip. Anyhow that girl that i really liked was pretty hot and I needed to date her. So I went to my first date with a band aid covering all my upper lip and looked like e retard that just got hit in the face. However she dropped my after the Date anyway :)

What’s your relationship like with fortune cookies?

Sorry i dont take Drugs :)

If you could tour with any band who would you tour with?

No Question : SLIPKNOT . This is the sickest live show on earth

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